Most Stressful Day Of My Life

9:52- Piano Exam

12:00- Tech Portfolio Due worth 15% of my final grade

1:00- English Presentation worth 15% of my final grade

2:15: Math Summative wroth 5% of my final grade( must get 75% averge)

can i commit suicide now

You Can’t Be 16 Forever

So I’m moving on
Letting go
Holding on to tomorrow
I’ve always got the memories while I’m finding out who I’m gonna be
We might be apart but I hope you always know
You’ll be with me wherever I go

– Miley Cyrus & Emily Osment

Slow Down The Song

OMG- 1 more year of highschool, and then it is off to the real world. Time really flies…

” They say you will never be as old as a highschool senior, or as young as a college freshman” That is so true, and it is scarying me so much. I hated most of highschool life, but i will always look back at them and smile because i was young and naive.  I know i will do art for the rest of my life, but where i will go to continue my studies is a mystery, one in which i am petrified about. But i know wherever i go, I will always look back at this course and realize how stressful this course was in the sense that it made me think so much. Blah. And i know, wherever I go, I will have friends with me. Even if i decide to work  Free Lancing. I will make something out of it,  and ya’ll wil be proud of me. I will create a legacy and people will remember my name and will know that I was Here.

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Am I Chasing a Dream I Can’t Grasp

I have no idea where I’m going in life. I really don’t. In the beginning, i thought okay, London UK, nope don’t got that much money. Then OCAD, nope, too artsy, not enough fashion & business. Not to mention it’s so hard to get in. Ryerson/York/Sheridan, will it get me anywhere? I mean, to be an Art Director, it is many years of doing grunt work, and Sr. Art Director’s don’t retire. Am I chasing a dream I can’t grasp? With my math grades, i probably can’t get anywhere. But i didn’t take course i should’ve taken, like Marketing or Communication Technology. Realistically, in this industry, it is about knowing the right people and being good at your skills. But what if you’re not good at your skill? where do I go from here? I love the idea of an Art Director, i love it. But what if I’m not good enough? I feel like I’m growing up too fast, people labeling futures for you. I mean, I think Humber has a great creative advertising program, and Ryerson has a great creative industry program. I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE!!~!~ GAAAH


Interior Designer

There are soooo many programs out there for Interior Designers, such as Sheridan, Ryerson, Humber, George Brown, York, Mcguil & etc. Interior design is hard to make it as you have to be really good at your craft or you will never make it. The money is pretty good, depending on work experience. At the end of the day, you have to have the best communication skills, you will need to be patience and handle crap from all your clients, working on narrow budgets and it will be stressful. But if it is what you love then do it. Money makes the world go wrong, but if you don’t love it then it isn’t worth it. Designing residential or commercial is nothing hard, anyone can do it. But you have to know people to get somewhere then you have to be good at it, sell your ideas, make people want them. You will need computer skills, art, and fashion to know what goes well together. It is fun, but you have to be really good at it to make a living out of it.

There is so much you have to know; you have to consider colour schemes, moods, flow, style, practicality. Then you have to consider what your clients wants, and oh my gosh it is stressful. If you don’t do a good job, you’re done. I’ve met many designers that do nothing but disappoint. They have good ideas, but they are not what i want. I mean if you are paying them, they should do what you want and put it together.

New Skills

I have definitely taken the time to appreciate everyone who works in the technological design field. They work many long hours to perfect these jobs. Whether you’re an architecture, a designer, a wall mason, they spend hours doing jobs for people like us. They have the consumer in their mind whether they will appreciate the craft they do, because we are what gives them their money. I now take more than a second to look at an architectural structure and think about the design process to actually creating it. I’ve learned a lot over the course of the past few months.

These are all Architectural Monuments, they redefine the idea of architecture, they push the limits and they help move along the world with newer and better creations

Next Time Design

I would definitely redo most of my designs next time around, make them a little bit more complex. Think about the people around and if they would like the design, instead of having a box for a house i could have something with more shapes to it, so it would be more challenging to draw, measure, & create. But overall i am satisfied with my designs, they are what i would want but that doesn’t mean what i want is what everyone else wants.

As A Design Student

As a design student i excel in creating modern pieces that are suited for people like me. Lazy, but i need a lot of room, modern and also kind of special. These designs i come up with might not be like others’ designs which have a circular room, or they go a little too much into detail. I like it plain, simple but edgy and new. I like being innovative, all my designs are something i would want to live in, something that’s out of the world in the sense that it has everything one needs to survive; but i do have things such as glass walls, different placement for items such as a washer & dryer in the kitchen, or a closet the same size as your washroom. These are all factors that i would take into consideration when looking at floor plans. I know what i like, and more than often i will not settle for anything less.

In simple terms, i would like a bachelor pad. With a massive bathroom, bedroom, walk in closet, balcony & an even more massive fridge.